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Christmas is near!! it's time to gather many presents. but now you trapped in the santa house. Will you find the exit, or discover santa presents storage ?? It's up to you! it's time to explore! time to solve the mistery of Christ Maze!

This is game for GDN Big Festive Jam. 

Credits applied to :

Dragoonz & Lysander (Programmer)

64BitPlayer & raxvio (Visual Artist)

Blank (Game Level Designer)

ionian525 (Audio Composser)

Install instructions

The goal of this game is to find santa's present chamber. you can interact with various item in this game to help you solve some puzzle to progress.

Installation :

extract xMaze.rar and click executable file

Gameplay Control : 

w = move forward

s = move backward

a = starfe left

d = starfe right

q = rotate left

e = rotate right

click item to interact


xMaze.rar 48 MB

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